The late Motor City Post 2009

I never seem to get these post in on time…So, Motor City Comic Con was last weekend, and it was a wonderful start to the new convention season! I had not one, but three new mini-prints for the show…in continuation of my love of my childhood, I did a Fraggle Rock triptych. Here they are in all of their glory. I still have some left, which I will bring to the next convention in Knoxville, Adventure Con. So here is a rundown of the con.
Friday: Slow. Friday’s are always slow, but it seemed moreso this year…people are always working, or having better things to do on a Friday than run around a convention all day. I saw all my old friends, was set up next to my buddy Ken Kreckler, had a great chat with Mark Sparacio, and generally had a good time. Amber went off to go Star gazing…Aaron Douglas and Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica were there, both of which were extremely nice guys…Amber did find out that Aaron was quite a comic fan, and quickly gave him a copy of my book….he was quite excited, and later asked me for the next chapter…I guess he liked it…Amber managed to snap a photo of him in his geeky glee. We were set up across from the General Lee….which I thought was going to be quite a pain, but it drove traffic to our section of the convention center quite a bit….it helped that Bo Duke himself, John Schnider was signing autographs there all weekend as well…On Friday he walked by my table and laughed at my Last Mupper and gave me a thumbs up, so it is now unofficially endorsed by Pa Kent himself! My friend Peter stopped by to keep us company for a bit, he had his heart set on buying some Wolverine Claws that day.
Saturday: Talk about busy! I have never seen a more crowded Saturday! It more than made up for Friday’s lack of traffic. Amber was stuck at my folks house for our second bridal shower, so I brought Dad along to be my part time “booth babe”…personally I think Amber is sexier. Aarom stopped by briefly to say hi on the way to his table, he was leaving mid-way through the day, and he asked me to stop by if I had the chance. Sadly I did not, It was a steady stream all day. Costumes are always fun to see on Saturdays at conventions…and this was no exception. There seems to be a large ensurgence of Steampunk cosplayers in the past year…at least 2 airship pirate crews were there, and they really took their time on their costumes. Dad seemed to have a good time there…he picked up a few books from old students of his, but not much else. My buddy Jason stopped by, as did my friends Joe and Kamron.
Sunday:Everybody was tired and it was starting to show. Traffic was slower, but no where near as slow as Friday. I had a chance to walk around a bit, which doesn’t always happen at these conventions. I talked again with Mark, who said he did very well this convention, and I gave him a print for being such an inspiration for my work ethic this past year. He gave me his cell number and email address and told me to call him whenever I needed to chat. That put me in a great mood for the rest of the con.
One last Image to discuss before I end this post. Last Summer I did a convention in Toronto called Paradise Con…Sadly it is not happening this year (but I am doing Fan Expo Canada!) Anyway, I was set up next to Brian Evinou, who is an animator based in the Toronto Area…I did a pinup for him of his character Lucy Legacy, and he said he was going to return the favor…only took him about a year, but he finally did it. I will be seeing him at Fan Expo Canada in August…can’t wait!


  1. ANINU wrote:

    I´ve really liked your work into the dust. Anychance I can get it outside the US? (BTW i´m from Argentina)

  2. Jesse Rubenfeld wrote:

    I can ship Into the Dust anywhere around the world…Just go to and add the books that you would like to your cart…there is now an international shipping option. Hope you enjoy them!

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